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FAQ on Vehicle Recovery


Welcome to the FAQ page. Here we will answer some of the common questions asked by our clients and end users.


Q)   What hours are you open ? 


A)   We are never closed . Call  us any time on any day on  08 9452 3870  this includes all public holidays including Christmas , New Year and Easter 


Q)   Isnt it expensive to get a car or equipment moved on a tilt tray truck?


A)   No , its doesn't cost anymore to use a tilt tray , infact it is better for your vehicle to be "carried" to it destination rather  than  towed.


Q)  What is your guarantee of quality?


A)   Serin Towing and Recovery is a quality assured company , all of our operators are:


  • Highly Trained
  • Experienced
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Clean neat and tidy
  • Have police clearances
  • Take pride in their work

This short list sets our team at the leading edge in customer service and professionalism